I Could Fix the World…Except…

I’m still moving into my new office. It’s been a process, that’s for sure. From the new desk (an Uplift Desk like the one seen here) to the shelves that are still en route, I haven’t been able to get everything into its place as quickly as I’d prefer. This hasn’t halted my push for […]

Why I Don’t Root for a Cinderella

I’ve never been one for the Cinderella story. Don’t get me wrong, I think she’s a great princess, and Disney should be proud to have her, but when it comes to sports, when the term “Cinderella” refers to lower-seeded teams preying on the upper echelon of sports conferences and leagues, I really don’t enjoy those […]

Learning from the Lean

Every so often, I get a series of high-resolution photographs sent to my inbox from the crew over at Unsplash. They are a mix of landscapes and closeups, a combination of natural and man-made architectural points of focus. It’s relaxing for me, to take a minute out of my day and look at these high […]

Thoughts on Baltimore

Not all protesting ends in violence. It may be hard to believe, given our current headlines and recent history with such situations, but the majority of protests are done in a non-violent manner. Often triggered by an act of social injustice, acts of protest are a collective stand against an individual or group. They are […]

Back to the Basics

I feel as though I needed the ring of a bell to start my Tuesday. I felt as though Monday was round one of a boxing match during which I couldn’t get off the ropes. It would be one thing if I could move and juke like Ali, but lo and behold, I can’t. I […]